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Governance is one of the four pillars, or areas of assessment, of the Global Data Barometer and will be examined as a core module given its foundational importance across all aspects of data activity.

Effective governance of data for the public good involves developing and implementing rules, processes, and structures to ensure that data is reliable, trustworthy, and comprehensive. It is also critical to ensure that sensitive data is protected, while non-personal datasets are shared or opened for re-use.

This section includes a number of country-level data governance indicators on the presence of regulatory regimes for data protection, right to information, and right to data, as well as identifying emerging frameworks for data sharing.

In addition, we have ecosystem-specific governance indicators located within the different thematic modules covered in the Barometer. These indicators will explore the extent to which the collection, sharing, and secure management of specific datasets are safeguarded and optimised through laws, regulations, policies, infrastructure, and guidance.

Prospective Indicators